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We provide our clients with a more efficient and less stressful tax resolution process in Lawrenceville, Georgia and surrounding cities. With our expertise and personalized approach, we offer the best of both worlds: an affordable and accessible service for individuals and small businesses.

Our Tax Resolution Process

Step 1


Begin with a detailed consultation at Lincoln Tax Services. Our experts assess your tax issues to tailor a clear strategy.

Step 2


Lincoln’s team investigates your tax records to identify discrepancies and areas for claims, ensuring a thorough review.

Step 3

Tax Resolution

Achieve peace of mind as Lincoln Tax Services expertly negotiates and resolves your tax matters, aiming for optimal outcomes.

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When Should You Hire a Tax Resolution Professional?

Hiring a tax resolution professional is advisable when dealing with complex tax issues beyond straightforward filing.

Our tax resolution experts, with their unparalleled expertise, can be your most trusted ally when you’re confronted with audits, back taxes, or IRS penalties and liens. They are adept at navigating complex tax laws and negotiating with tax authorities on your behalf.

We are particularly helpful when you need to set up payment plans, reduce penalties, or dispute IRS decisions. Engaging a tax resolution specialist early in the process can prevent situations from escalating, help resolve tax disputes efficiently, and potentially save you money and stress.

What We Offer

Installment Agreements

Set up a payment plan with the IRS to gradually pay off your tax debt in manageable, regular installments.

Offers in Compromise

Negotiate with the IRS to settle your tax debts for less than the full amount owed, based on financial hardship.

Penalty Abatement

Reduce or eliminate penalties on unpaid taxes due to reasonable cause or corrected IRS errors in your favor.

Uncollectable Status:

Temporarily halt collections if you prove to the IRS that you’re financially unable to pay your tax debt.

Stair Step Agreement

Enter a tiered payment plan that increases over time, matching payments with expected changes in income.

Streamlined Installment Agreement

Quickly set up a payment plan for debts under $50,000 without extensive financial disclosures.

Partial Pay Installment Agreement

Pay a reduced monthly amount towards your tax debt, based on your current financial condition.

Conditional Expense Installment Agreement

Incorporate allowed living expenses into your plan, adjusting payments as financial circumstances change.

Traditional Installment Agreement

Establish a standard payment plan with the IRS to resolve outstanding taxes without special stipulations.

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